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Steady Guidance Through A Complex Divorce

Every divorce has some level of complexity. Divorces involving high finances or criminal charges have an added layer of difficulty. It is crucial to have an attorney on your side who can not only advocate for your rights but also act as a source of strength during an overwhelming time.

My name is John Kermit Hill. For years, I have represented clients in Frisco, McKinney, Sherman and the surrounding region in contested and uncontested divorces. At the Law Office of John Kermit Hill, you will find a lawyer who cares deeply about helping you.

Some of the family law issues I handle include:

Achieving a solution through private negotiations or mediation is almost always faster and less expensive than a trial. With that said, I am an experienced litigator who is always ready to represent you before a judge. Even during the most stressful moments of your divorce, you will have me on your side as a steadfast ally.

Experienced With High-Asset And High-Conflict Cases

Working through a divorce in which couples have high-assets such as high income, business interests and investments comes with its own unique challenges. Likewise, couples working through a contentious divorce in which conflict over such decisions as property divisions or child custody cannot be amicably resolved, require the legal prowess of a skilled family law attorney. I have extensive experience with such cases and understand what it takes to find resolution in event the most difficult scenarios.

Also Protecting Your Rights In Criminal Matters

A criminal conviction – or even an accusation of a crime – can have an impact on your divorce or child custody proceedings. For example, an allegation of domestic abuse can cost you conservatorship or possession of your children. To uphold your rights, it is important to have an attorney who understands both aspects of the law – the family legal system, and the criminal law system.

Seek The Guidance Of A Divorce Lawyer Today

You do not have to navigate the stressful storm of a divorce on your own. You can rely on me to uphold your rights and advocate for the solutions you need. To request an initial consultation, please contact my Frisco office at 903-487-4012 or send me an email.